Publications / Leaflets

The initial series of these leaflets was published by the LOC and Stockport HA in 2001 and were distributed to practices on CD-Rom. Most have been updated since then and are now available for download in PDF format. Further leaflets will be added as they are produced.

These leaflets have been produced by optometrists and were based on existing fact sheets as well as information from other sources such as RNIB and Diabetes UK. A panel of lay readers assisted in editing the leaflets and, finally, they were submitted to the Plain Language Commission and all their suggestions incorporated. As such the general public should easily understand them, so we advise against altering the text. In particular, the Clear English logo may not be used if the text is edited in any way.


Each file is about 150KB each in size.

A patient leaflet is published by South Manchester Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Service giving the facts about screening for retinopathy:

The Low Vision Leaflet (LVL) for putting visually impaired people in touch with social services can be downloaded here. Note that the address for Disability Services has been updated (September 2015).

Information for patients about the Stockport WetAMD service can be found here:

PDF files

PDF files are in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format. For this you need Acrobat Reader, which is already present on many PCs, otherwise you can install it by clicking here.


The leaflets are available as A4 and A5 (folded A4) versions. The A5 version should be printed on both sides of A4 size paper. Print side one, turn the paper over and feed back into the printer for side two. Fold to produce an A5 leaflet. The A4 version is identical in wording, but can be printed on 2 sheets to avoid double sided printing.

When printing, switching off the "fit to page" option in the printer dialogue may give a better layout, since the original document is A4 anyway. ("Fit to page" shrinks the whole page to fit into the printable area, but the original has adequate margins for most printers to start with).