Information for Patients

Information leaflets on many eye conditions can be found on the leaflets page


You can search for practices who can provide direct referral to hospital for cataract here

Post-operative cataract

You can search for practices providing post-operative reports here.

Screening for Diabetic Eye Disease

Practices providing this service are listed here.

Stop before the Op

Patients are advised to stop smoking before any operation. There is a very informative Stockport website which explains the reasons why, along with YouTube videos from several surgeons.

Domiciliary Providers

Mobile practitioners offering sight testing at home

To qualify for an NHS funded home visit a patient must first of all be eligible for an NHS sight test and, secondly, they must be unable to leave home unaccompanied. The list of mobile providers is available here:

GM Domiciliary Opticians 19-04-16.pdf