Enhanced Services and Patient Information

There are four enhanced service schemes involving optometrists in Stockport:

Screening for Diabetic Retinopathy

Screening for signs of diabetic eye disease is normally carried out by optometrists in this area. The method of screening is being improved by the use of digital cameras to photograph the back of the eye. You can download a leaflet giving general information about screening here.
The new camera scheme is operating across several areas of south Manchester. A list of the participating optometrists is available here. You can choose to have your eye screening at any of the listed practices.
If your practice is not listed, then you should continue to see your own optometrist for your sight test, but you should visit one of the listed optometrists for screening, telling them that screening is all you require.

Direct Referral for Cataract

All patients with cataract are now referred to one of 6 local treatment centres via accredited optometrists. They will discuss with the patient the procedures involved, and the risks and benefits, before referral. The list of locations for surgery can be found on the referrals page

You can search for a practice providing direct referral here:


Post-operative Cataract Care

Under this arrangement the optometrist performs the final check-up after cataract surgery. A list of those participating is provided to patients along with the reporting forms and you can also search here:


Raised Intra-ocular Pressure

If a raised pressure in the eye is detected during the sight test, and there are no other potential signs of glaucoma, then the pressure test will be repeated, often by a different method, on a further one or two occasions in order to confirm the the pressure is consistently high. Results and any necesary referral are processed via an electronic reporting system. An information sheet is available on the publications page.

You can search for a practice providing the service here:


Minor Eye Conditions Service (MECS)

This service is available to anyone with a Stockport GP who has a recent onset problem with one or both eyes. Further details can be found on the MECS page, along with a link to the MECS website.

More Information

Leaflets on other eye conditions are available from the publications page.